It is not farewell.

Mrs. Nozomi had to let go of her car, Porte, due to a sudden accident. She decided to sent the car abroad with a message filled with memories with her car.

Mr. Evgeny, who lives in Russia, took over the Porte. He came across this car when he was looking for a car for his wife to pick up their kids. As soon as he rceived a message from Mrs Nozomi, he started to run a pen on the reply card. He smiled and said “I will use this car with the same carefulness with her”

Mrs. Nozomi received a message from Mr. Evgeny and smiled brightly. "I’m so happy to receive the message."

Somewhere in the world today, Mrs. Nozomi’s memories are still shining with her car.

So, it is not farewell.

“See You Again”

Donation Campaign
Please make nice memories with next owner
I met it on the Tanabata day in Kumamoto.
It was a cloudy day that seemed to rain, but it became sunny when we received the car.
So I drived to Aso.
We traveled various places like Kyushu, Sanin, Kinki, Tokai … and so on.Everything is an unforgettable memories for me.Please make nice memories with next owner.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say thank you
Good day,Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say thank you for your excellent service. I bought below mentioned Honda Vezel 2015 model in broken shape and repaired for my personal use. I bought this ride on excellent price as compared with market. My most of the buying may be 90% is from Tau Corporation. I would recommend Tau Corporation to all my friends and family. One of my friend already started business with Tau Corporation.